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Robert 'One-Man' Johnson

We are back up to the lake and loving the clean Minnesota air and the silence of the night pierced by the cry of the loon.  The chipmunks have disappeared this year, perhaps frozen to death in a winter which saw very little snow cover and a lot of sub-zero temps.  But, it is warm now, Margery is sailing and kayaking, and I am playing as much music as I can find in the area.  Tonight we hope to catch our limit of crappies!  Life is good!

Hey, I did a show in Madison Wisconsin a while back and they sent it out via radio, internet podcast and internet streaming video.  Here's the link if you want to hear and see what my music is like.

Meanwhile, have a beautiful summer after a really long, tough winter.  I'll look forward to seeing you, if and when I get a chance to come your way!