An Island in Thailand

An Island in Thailand

Palm trees wave on a beach in Thailand
Full moon shines on a golden sea
In their darkness off-shore islands
Sing their Siren songs for me

I met a girl on a beach in Thailand
Smile so bright it lit the night
Hand in hand for a little while and
Walked till the world was out of sight

Little grass hut, cool night air,
Grilling fish on an open fire
Mosquito net, a single bed,
What more could two hearts desire?

Fell in love on a beach in Thailand
Paradise on a tropical sea
Sweet romance on the beach beguiling
Ever yours for you and me

Long-tail boat  rolling seas
Bouncing gently on the waves
Neon fish in the coral forest
Nature’s psychedelic phase

Late that night on a beach in Thailand
Night birds sing in the mangrove trees
We sent a paper lantern flyin’
Carrying dreams for her and me

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