Johnny and Ferlie


Poems for my Uncle and Aunt


Like my father before me, I reckon that mirth
Can ease up the pain of the folks here on earth.
Lives can be sung in an old country song,
Or honored in stories of right against wrong.
There’s plenty of time to labor and toil,
And candles to burn, and kettles to boil.
We’ll spend our future under the sod,
So, each morning’s light is a blessing from God.

Now, I see by your face that you can’t take a joke.
The horse you rode in on is tired and broke,
And you look at the world with an unhappy eye
And watch with a frown as your life passes by.
Forgive me my smile, the fun that I poke.
I mean no offense to you serious folk.
It’s just my way of getting along.
To be happy is different. It’s not really wrong.

Relax! Take it easy! Just kick up a heel! 
Remember how good the Good Life used to feel? 
Have a dance! Sing a song!  Slap a friend on the back! 
Proceed through your life on a positive tack.
It’s a tough road we travel.  It’s trouble and strife.
If you weaken and whine, it’s a difficult life.
But, if you open each day with a grin
And you make someone smile, how can that be a sin?


They say that I must stand by my man
Well, I am doing the best I can!
But, someone has to do the dirty work
Someone has to be the one who says, "No!"

Some days you have to get out of bed
Even when it's rainy and cold,
Though your eyes are blood-shot red,
Though your head aches and you feel old.

Someone has to change the baby.
Someone has to do the dishes.
Someone has to refuse and not say, "Maybe!"
Someone has to hold things together.
Someone has to keep control.
Someone has to face bad weather.
Someone strong must haul that coal.
Someone has to be the one to just say, "No!" 

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