Ken and Alice

Poems for my Ma and Pa


Dr. Naismith 
did not have in mind
The sport we see 
at the present time
In days of old 
a game of grace
Now a change has taken place 
Talking trash,
 slamming dunks,
The taunts and jeers of tattooed punks

Steroid use, 
unruly fan abuse
at the least excuse
Money talks
Million dollar heroes balk
TV commentators gawk
Fantasizing women stalk

We close our eyes with sad regret
Wish the glory days were with us yet


Waxy-taut yellowed parchment
Stretched over knuckles so big
On fingers so weak 
She stares into her silent coffee cup
Dreaming happily of other days

In her brown-sad patient eyes
A family resides
Five young boys and
Her handsome husband
Images living home movies
In faded Color By Kodak
Without sound track

Still skillfully she smokes
The filterless cigarettes
But she does not recall my name 

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